Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm back!

Well, for now that is. Haha. I can't believe it's been two weeks since I posted!!! Two loooong weeks. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... You don't care!! But I'd just thought I'd write a new one. My blog seems kinda lonely/sad, so what's Demi to do? Update, duh! :)

School is still annoying. Eh. But on the bright side, it's gotten better. I've been studying FAR more (first for me, ha) and it's been pretty easy. Still Spanish is my weak spot. I think it'll always be. But I'm passing, tho. Can't complain.

This past weekend was kinda cool ... Okay, I said kinda. Hah, you may think otherwise and that's cool. I went to the New Orleans Arena with my older cousin, her two kids, and my aunt's grandkids. My 2nd cousin was trying out for the Stingers, a junior dance team (8-12) for the Honeybees (Hornet's). They got to learn some dances, play games, and basically have a fun time. It was cool, for me, because I got to watch some of the Honeybee's that were present perform dances, and they're REALLY good!!!! I don't go to basketball games, so I never see them perform. But they were great. It was a cool experience. God, now I sound lame, eh?

This weekend is my mom's birthday. And let me just say: I know everyone thinks their mom is THE best, but my mom is truly an amazing person. I don't tell her that much, and I really need to start. She works SIX jobs to support my younger sister and I, and she's not a young mom. Ha, I have two older sisters (35 and 29). I don't think she would want me to share her age on here, but she's somewhere in the 50's. ;) I have NO idea what to get her yet, but I know I need to get on it. Her birthday is Saturday. Ahhhh!!!!!

Well, I don't have much to share. But I need to sign off about now, and start homework. Joy, right? I'll try to keep up with my blog more often, but hey, I said that before, huh? I'll see if I try any harder. Ha.

Have a good week!!! :)
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