Monday, August 2, 2010

August 12th

I can totally understand how this kid feels! I mean, I'm sure this is will be my face when I walk into school August 12th. Yes, I've mentioned that I'm not ready for school a million times, but I can't say it enough!!! I'm NOT ready! Literally. Not just because I hate it, but because I haven't even started school shopping. Okay, well I did get three things done off the list, BUT still.. No where near ready.
School supplies? Nope.
New shoes? Nope.
The rest of my school clothes? Nope.
And still, there are LOTS more that I didn't mentioned. There are ten days that I have left to get all of this done. It doesn't seem like much, but I know I could get it all done. It kinda feels weird because this time last year, I had most of everything done and ready. I don't know what's up this year, but it's not the same. Obviously. And having hardly anything done, it makes me even more mad about school starting!!!
I'm sure though that even when I get all of this done, I'll still be unhappy about school starting. I mean, yeah.. School is fun sometimes, but five days a week? Eight hours a day? Uh, no. Not fun! This year is going to be tough, too. Spanish. Geometry (YUCK!). Biology. Not thrilled about that. At all.
When do you guys go back? AND are you done shopping?!
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