Monday, August 9, 2010


I haven't posted the past few days. Sorry! And I probably won't again until Wednesday!!! I know, so sad. BUT I have been thinking about what I should blog about. And well, just look at the title.. Which, by the way, I'm sure you have, right? Haha. I just randomly came across this idea of mine, and thought it would be cool. Basically, if you're interested, share your favorite summer memory with us! It could be this summer's, or any summer in the past. Completely up to you, my dear! ;)

I have lots of them, and it's reallllly hard to pick just one favorite. But this summer? Hmmmm. This summer's been a total bore for the most part, but I did have some fun. I know this may sound SUPER lame, but shopping w/ my best friend. I've always liked shopping, but shopping with a best friend? Uh, hello.. What more could you ask for? Haaa. Seriously though, we always have fun shopping together. And we spend so much time have fun at the mall, that we barely buy a thing. So, yeah, I guess it isn't shopping, right? Eh, whatever. I feel so embarassed that that's the highlight of my summer. I needed to be on the beach, out of the house, relaxing.. And that didn't happen. There's always next summer, though. :)

Like I said, feel free to share your memory with us!!! I'd totally love to hear it!
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