Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Long

With a heavy heart, I'm here to announce that Summer 2010, for me, is OVER!!! Done. Ugh, I'm not even gonna go into how upset I am. Ha, I love summer! I'm sure that's everyone though, right?! I honestly am gonna miss it! Staying up late, hanging out with friends, sleeping late (Definitely), and pretty much doing whatever, and not having to worry about school, or homework. So, yeah.. Am I looking forward to school? Nope. Not one bit. But I know that I have only have three years left, so that kind of helps. BUT then again, college. I think college would be WAY better, though.
School starts tomorrow. And thankfully, I have everything done. I guess in a way I'm ready for it to start, but after the first few days, I'll be over it. Haha. Football games are fun.. Not to mention, the school dances. And I'm looking forward to that. Schoolwork? Homework? Studying? Eh, no.
So, what am I doing on this last day of summer? Well, nothing. I'm doing what I pretty much done all summer long.. Stay at home. But I'm not complaining today. I won't have days like this again until next summer. Next summer though, I want to go on vacation!!! I NEED that to happen. Haa. I'm pretty sure that we have a small trip planned for TN soon, so I'm looking forward to that. Guess I shouldn't complain, right? :)
Well, that's my last post of my summer. Bummer. OH, and to anyone who starts after me: Get off my blog!!! I don't want you on here. GO! Hah, of course.. I'm kidding!
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