Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Ramblings

Well, I'm back with a new post. Obviously, right? And even though I want to write a new post, I don't really have anything to say. Of course, I'll just add whatever I've been doing lately/or what's been on my mind. But honestly. THE only thing on my mind is still the Spanish class. UGH!!!!! I seriously can't express in words how much I dislike the class. I checked online, and so far.. I have an 87. A B! Really? I could do better than that. I'm pretty sure I screwed up on a graded class worksheet today, so that'll probably turn into an 84-85. So, yeah, see? I'm hating it. All my other classes: PE, English II, and World Geography are fab!

OH, and yeah, sorry for starting off on a negative note. I just had to mention it. ;)

I'm honestly really ready for January. I love the winter, and a big plus: It's the month of my birthday! I'm going to be turning 17, and I just realized the other day... I don't have my license yet. Uhhh, yeah, I need to get on that. I already know thr basics, but I should start studying. As in pronto. I haven't took Driver's Ed, because if I already know how to drive, then why would I waste time? I know it's good and you learn tons, but still. And I don't even know if I have to take it. Can't you just go take the tests when you turn 17? Help? Kinda confused. Haha.

Wow, I thought I would have more to share. But I'm not interesting, and my all my other thoughts are boring. These were too, but you get the point. I swear, I need to post fun things, or just keep a blog to myself! Ha.

Anyway, I hope your week is going well!!! :)
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