Sunday, August 1, 2010

Out & About

My weekend (well, with the expection of today) was spent being out and about. Hence the title of this post. I had a wedding to go to Friday night, and yesterday I was at a baby shower. So, you could say I was pretty busy all weekend. And I totally enjoyed every minute of it!! :) I need to get out more often with my friends, because nothing beats having a good time, right?

Poor, lazy me only got one picture at the wedding. Or no.. Wait. Of the WHOLE weekend! Ha, pretty sad, I know. But I did get some pictures taken there at the wedding, just not from my camera, so I can't share any pictures. Heartbreaking! I know you guys are SO upset, right? No need to let me know what I already know. ;)

But the wedding was nice. It was my sister's best friend's (who once was my BFF) mom's wedding. The place it was held at was really small, but it was super beautiful!! The food was good, and I think that's what I enjoyed the most. Haha. They had all kinds of it. Oh, and of course.. The cake was good too! I'm so happy for her mom and the guy she married. He's so sweet, and they make such a cute couple! :) Now all this wedding stuff has got me thinking about my own wedding. Ahhh!

Baby Shower was pretty fun, too. But all they did was eat. No games? No music? Wait, do they have music at BSs? Who knows.. But all they did really was sit around and eat. It wasn't boring, but it wasn't exciting. Oh well.

On the other hand.. Today is going to be back to normal: Boring! I have no plans, and no where to go. So, stuck home I am. Ugh! I'm only looking forward to one thing & one thing only about tonight: Shark Week begins! Yay!!! Ha, I love it!

Anyway, I hope your weekend is going swell! :)

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