Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What happened?

I haven't blogged in forever. Okay, maybe not FOREVER, but it seems like a while, right? Or maybe just four days.. Like it has been. Haha.

And I was wondering: What happened? Uh, yeah, I have no clue!! I had so much determination that I would write a post EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! But that hasn't happened. I don't think it will, either. It's not that I don't want to blog everyday, I honestly do. But coming up with something to blog about is challenging.. Or maybe it just seems that way to me. I say I'll try to do things all the time, but maybe I need to start trying hard enough.

I'm praying that I find interesting things to blog about. I know you guys probably find this as the most boring blog ever. I need more "fun" brought into it. Ha, any ideas from all you awesome bloggers? ;)

Moving on: I've been BORED! I have not left this house for the past three days. And it sucks. Big time. I need to get out!! Or, I get to get a car VERRRY soon! I love being home, but for so many days at a time? Uh, not my thing. But I did get a chance to finish my SR (Summer reading!) I'm so happy! And I thoroughly enjoyed the book I chose to read, Nineteen Minutes. I even found myself in tears thru some of it. Hah, gosh.. I sound so weird. But honestly, it was a good! Though, I'm really glad I'm done, and got finished in four days.

Speaking of school, I need to start shopping for the new school year. I've made a list, and I'm pretty sure my parents aren't happy. It's pretty long, filled with things like: New shoes, new clothes (uniforms - ew!), belts, getting my nails done (not NEEDED, but WANTED), supplies.. You get the point, don't you? Have any of you started shopping yet? I need to get this all done by the 12th of August.

Well, that's all I had to say for today. I wish it was interesting, but I don't think I'm capable of anything interesting. Haha. Hope you're enjoying your week, and aren't stuck at home! :)
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