Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Today.. Today was good! And do you want to know why it was SO good?!! I GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!! Oh My God, praise the Lord! Haha, I swear it felt so nice.
Since my mom was off today, like every Wednesday, we went to a pretty cool water/theme park in Baton Rouge with my aunt, two neices/nephews, and my aunt's grandkids. Last summer, that was like our second home! Every week, sometimes three times a week, we would go there. We still have Season Passes for this summer, but we BARELY went. Today made only our second time and it's July 14th. Pretty sad, right? I know.

I had fun, but it was HOT!! Of course it is every time, but still.. Today was the hottest. Oh, and little smart me forgot to put on sunscreen (I'm not super white, but I burn easily). So, yes.. If you guessed, I'm now sunburnt. Ew times a thousand. Not that I hate how it hurts, but when it's on your face - Not a pretty sight!!

I never bring a camera, so I didn't take pictures. BUT I'm swearing that next time.. I will. Or I'll try? Haha. Though I did manage to get a pretty lousy picture.. One of the MANY sights you always see on the interstates in Louisiana. I'm sure you already saw it. It ended up at the very top of the post. How do I center pictures without them ending up at the top? It's annoying to say the least.
On another random note(s): My last little post failed.. BIG time!! I feel like an idiot. I thought it would go really well, but I was wrong. Did it really suck that bad? But I'm thankful for the two people that did comment. Thanks times a billion! :)

OHHHHH, and I get my schedule tomorrow!! YES! I hate school, but I'm so anxious to see if I got the classes I wanted. I'm hoping I do. But then this is just another reminder that school's starting pretty soon. August 12th.. I hate you already!

Anyway, I hope your day's been just as amazing as mine!

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