Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation.. Where are you?

See that picture right above this?! Isn't it just beautiful? Yeah, I know. I think the same. ;) NOW, that's where I wish I could be right at this moment. Away from home, out relaxing, no worries.. You get the picture, right?
BUT instead I'm stuck in this place we call Louisiana. (Pictured right, obviously.) Ew, I mean seriously.. Look at that beautiful beach compared to the picture of our state. No comparison, right? Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE Louisiana. I honestly do. But everyone & their grandma it seems are going on vacations, and out there enjoying summer! Ahhhhh, why can't it be that way for me? Me wanna go to the beach! :(
It's already July 8th, JULY 8TH!!!!! I start school next month.. August 12th to be exact! Way too early, and that's not even that far from here. I need something exciting, refreshing, fun to do.
Okay, yeah.. I think I'm done. I'm off to enjoy another boring day, and continue my dreaming of the BEACH! :D
(Haha, just the word gets me hyped up!)

**Extra: While I'm not so excited about school starting again soon, I am excited about receiving my schedule in the mail!! Last year, the school was so early in mailing them out. But this year.. We have yet to recieved them. I'm anxious to see if they gave me the newspaper class I've been wanting so badly! Hopefully, I'll get it today in the mail! SO, I'll also add that to my dreaming, along with the beach. :P

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