Monday, July 12, 2010

All About You

I told you guys that I had an idea of a post brewing around in my head. And well, today I'm going to post it. It's not going to be boring, I promise. Or at least, I hope not!?

Basically, I want to get to know some of my followers on here. You all seem pretty interesting, and awesome. So, what better way than to post a comment letting us find out some things about you? I mean, it would be cool if others saw your comment, found you pretty cool, and haven't followed you yet, and they get the chance to do just that!! I just figured it would be cool to get to learn about you guys, and meet each other! Hopefully, this doesn't sound like I'm some kind of freak. Haha.

Okay, since this is MY blog, I'll go ahead and share some things about me. I'll make it super short for you guys' sake. Promise.

I'm currently sixteen, and finding it a little hard to believe I'm almost eighteen! I'll be going into the tenth grade, which I'm not really looking forward to. Freshmen year sucked a bit, so I'm hoping this isn't the case this year. I have three sisters, two of which are older - like REALLY older. Ha, older as in 27 & 35. Riiight, crazy, I know! Aunt to six, count 'em six little ones. I enjoy it, though! I've never, ever had a boyfriend. Yessss, I hate to admit that. :( It makes me sound like a loner, which I'm really not. It's complicated. So, I'm no expert in relationships, and things relating to that matter.

I could go on, and on, and on.. But I promised I would make it short. Now, guess what?! It's YOUR turn! Yay! ;)

Please, please, please leave a comment if you make it thru this whole post. I would seriously love to hear from you guys!

Until next time, though.. Night!
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