Friday, September 24, 2010


Before you ask, yeah, I know it's been 21 days since I last posted. Yiiiikkkkeeees! Ha, okay, wait ... That isn't TOO long. ;) Seriously though, I have been studying so freaking much. It sucks. Well, I'm passing with all A's, and a B so I guess it's paying off. It's taken soooo much of time, and by like 7:00 I'm passed OUT. Not normal for a 16 year old. Well, not for me anyway. I really wanna getting back to blogging, tho. I'll try. TRY!

Guess what? Well, don;t guess. The title gave it away! Haha. It's homecoming weekend. Yay? Eh. I'm going to the dance tomorrow, but I'm not too thrilled. I didn't go last year, so I promised myself I was going to go this year. And well, I don't really want to go. I have my dress, shoes, jewerly, ticket ... So not going is NOT an option. UGH! Actually, I'm more nervous than anything. It's my first dance, and well, my biggest fear? Some girl having the same dress as me. How freaking retarted do I sound? I know that's a crazy reason, but still. Another fear: I'll look stupid, and nothing will match with my dress. I just worry soo much, so I doubt I'll enjoy the night. NO WAY I'll stay the whole three hours. Maybe 2 hours. No more. Yeah, call me weird. Whatever. ;) This week was HC week @ school. So, of course we had all those crazy "theme" days. Like nerd day, PJ day, and what not. I'm proud to say ... I did NOT participate in any of them. Okay, wait, I did PJ day, but that was it. Pretty pathetic, right? I know, I know. I'll get into the spirit ... Senior year, maybe.

Anyway, I just wanted to update the blog. :) If I get pictures tomorrow, I'll see about posting them for ya. Wish me luck, guys! Have a fab weekend!
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